Funding from DoD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program

06 March 2018

TBDRPThe Department of Defense Tick-Borne Disease Research Program (TBDRP) is announcing its anticipated funding opportunities for fiscal year 2018 for researchers.  Since there is a current Continuing Resolution, the Defense Appropriations bill has not been passed yet, so funds have not been appropriated for the DoD TBDRP. This is a preannouncement to allow researchers time to plan ideas for submission to the anticipated FY18 funding opportunities.

Applications submitted to the FY18 TBDRP must address at least one of the following specific Focus Areas in Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases:

  • Diagnosis
    • Accurate diagnostics for Lyme disease and co-infections and/or other tick-borne diseases
    • Biomarkers to identify tick-borne diseases or their products in humans
    • Diagnostic biomarkers for Lyme disease that distinguish between active infection and previous exposure, and/or monitor response to treatment
  • Pathogenesis
    • Immunological mechanisms of immune protection for Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases
    • Complex biology of Lyme borrelia in the host (beyond in vitro studies), including its survival, evasion of the host immune system, and subversion of the effectiveness of antibiotics
    • Biomarkers that aid in exploring underlying mechanisms of persistent symptoms associated with Lyme disease
  • Prevention
    • Identification, validation, and/or improvement of tick-targeted prevention and control interventions
    • Human vaccines for tick-borne diseases
  • Treatment
    • Antibiotic combinations and/or therapeutic options for treating acute and persistent illness

The Lyme Disease Association President Pat Smith is a member of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program Programmatic Panel. 

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