House & Senate Override MA Governor's Lyme Language

15 July 2016
In a move applauded by the LDA and by Lyme patients everywhere, both the MA House and the Senate have overridden language which Governor Baker inserted as part of the budget bill.  The Governor's recommended Lyme language replaced that of Representative David Linsky who had been working with Lyme groups in MA on the issue.   For history see   /195-state-legislation-landing-page/state-legislation/state-activities/massachusetts/1509-alert-mass-residents-immediate-action-neededentative
The LDA testified at the Statehouse on the original stand alone bill and also wrote to Rep. Linsky after the Governor made the language change citing the reasons why the new language would be harmful to patients. The Massachusetts Lyme Legislative Task Force coordinated the effort to have the House override the governor's language.The Senate followed suit. The Massachusetts Legislature has reinstated the original language regarding Lyme disease insurance coverage, and sent the measure back to Governor Baker for his approval, veto, or taking no action. A veto would send it back to the Legislature which would have to have 2/3 vote in each chamber to overturn his veto. 
Congratulations to the House & Senate for standing up for patient's rights!

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