Lyme Disease Pictures & Tick Photos

The Lyme Disease Association (LDA) offers this page to provide the general public and professionals with an array of tick images, rash images, and disease organisms to help in the determination of what is Lyme disease and what are other tick-borne diseases.

Many professionals have provided pictures to the Lyme Disease Association that show what some of the rash signs look like, tick images of various ticks that transmit a number of tick-borne diseases in the US, and infectious organisms seen under the microscope that are transmitted by ticks in the US.

This category of medical photos includes pictures of Lyme disease related rashes, ticks and organisms under the microscope.

There are 3 photo albums below:  Lyme disease rashes, ticks and under the scope (microscope).  To view each album click on pictures below.

The images are intended for education purposes only, and a medical professional should be consulted to determine if someone has a tick-borne disease. The LDA does maintain an online referral where someone can search for a Lyme disease doctor. (LDA Dr. Referral)

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