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LymeAid 4 Kids

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LymeAid 4 Kids

LymeAid4Kids Logo2014SmallAre you under 21 and without medical insurance coverage for Lyme disease?   Do you think you may have Lyme disease?  If you answered yes to both these questions, the Lyme Disease Association’s LymeAid 4 Kids fund may help you.

• It can provide up to $1,000 toward diagnosis and treatment 

• It is available through any treating physician nationwide 
• It is simple to apply for

For further information check with your physician or refer to the application packet.

Application Package - 2016 Applications now being accepted

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1 LA4K Benefit by DE 87ers Basketball 2/17
2 LDA Money Available For Unisured Kids
3 LA4K Provided $26,000 in 2015 Grants
4 Author Amy Tan Helps Create LymeAid 4 Kids

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